St John's Churt and Rushmoor


The Alpha Course is an opportunity to explore the Christian faith. Over about 10 weeks we look at issues such as: Who is Jesus? How and why should I pray? Does God heal today?


Alpha is run by every major Christian denomination and by churches of all traditions in countries throughout the world. Courses are held in churches, schools, prisons, places of work, pubs and homes and millions of people have participated.

Each weekly meeting includes a meal, a talk on DVD, and a discussion in small groups. Everyone is welcome to attend and to share their views, whether you are a committed Christian, a follower of another religion, a convinced atheist, or you simply want to find out more. It is an opportunity to think about a wide variety of issues in a relaxed environment.

Our Alpha courses are run once a year with our sister church of St Alban’s, Hindhead. Here are some of the things people have said about it:

wonderful food each week shared with old and new friends
enjoyed time to listen to others
less defensive about my beliefs
understanding that others have uncertainties too
it’s been a wonderful opportunity to meet local people and feel part of the church family