Safeguarding at St. John’s

Safeguarding is at the heart of the Gospel. We are called to welcome and show compassion to the oppressed and vulnerable. St. John’s is committed to safeguarding good practice to creating an environment where all people, especially those who may be vulnerable, are able to worship and pursue their faith in a safe way.

Safeguarding Policy

Every year the PCC (the church council) adopt the Church of England Safeguarding Policy. The policy can be found here [link] and a signed copy of the Policy Statement is displayed in the porch of St. John's.

Safeguarding Parish Handbook

The Parish Handbook [link] is released by the national safeguarding team. It distils all the key elements of the practice guidance we need as a Parish on a day to day basis.

Parish Safeguarding Representatives

St. John's safeguarding representative is Pip Lloyd-Perks, if you need to talk to Pip please send her an email.

For urgent matters you may contact via the Church office, call 01428 713368 or send us an email.

Pip Lloyd-Perks   Email

Pip Lloyd-Perks