St. John’s Church plays an important role in many people’s lives in the community of Churt and Rushmoor. It supports people from birth throughout their life – baptism, toddlers, school, weddings, Christmas and Easter celebrations, village fetes, events, missions and much more.

It costs £7,640 per month to run St. John’s Church, including running costs, insurance and covering salaries. The work of St. John’s is supported entirely by donations from the public, as the Church of England doesn’t receive any government funding.

Whether you are a regular church goer, or a member of the Parish who appreciates the work that St. John’s does in your community, please consider donating to the church. We cannot keep serving the community alone.

There are a few different ways that you can donate:

  1. Use the Parish Giving Scheme – packs are available at the back of the church, from our treasurer Tim Kirk, or direct from
    The Parish reference to quote is: 17061703

  2. Payment can be made by BACS/Bank Payment, using the following details:
    Sort code: 60-10-14
    Account No: 50257234
    Reference: ChurtPCC-Giving-[Surname]  (eg ‘ChurtPCC-Giving-Smith’)

  3. You can write a cheque, made out to ‘PCC of Churt’ and send to the church office address:
    St. John’s Church Office, Old Kiln Lane, Churt GU10 2HX

  4. Download the standing order form and send to Richard Bourne by email

For any information you need on giving to St. John’s please get in touch with our Treasurer, Tim Kirk

Richard Bourne  Stewardship Officer">Email

Richard Bourne
Stewardship Officer

Tim Kirk  Treasurer">Email

Tim Kirk