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Thanksgiving Liturgy (PDF)

How long does it take to organise?

About 6 months from first contact, you will be making important decisions and spending time getting to know our church - relax and enjoy the journey! If you have reasons why it may need to be quicker please do let us know.

Who can be godparents?

Godparents will make promises with the parents on behalf of the child. They should be adults and have all been baptised. Choose people who will be able to encourage and support your child as they grow up, and especially as they learn more about God. There are no rules about how many, what gender or whether your godparents are married or single – it’s your choice.

What will the baptism preparation involve?

There are two parts to the preparation firstly thinking about the journey of faith; we use a baptism preparation video and discussion.

The link is: https://vimeo.com/280048492

You will be given the passwords when we meet together to watch it.

Secondly we will think about the practicalities of the service, this is best done at St. John’s Church.

What if I don't usually go to church?

When you bring a child for baptism you promise to bring them up as a Christian within the family of the church. We will explain the promises you will make, but the decision will be up to you. If after discussion you feel unable to make these promises, you may still like to have a thanksgiving service for the birth of your child instead of a baptism. Please ask about this if you are interested.

Can we take photos?

Yes, please do bring cameras the best time to take pictures is after the service. We will be happy to pose by the font!

How much does it cost?

Baptism is free: we are delighted to welcome your child into the family of God and we do not expect any payment. If you want to make a donation to the work of St. John’s then we would be very grateful but that is entirely up to you.

What if we are not married, or are divorced or a one parent family?

We understand that families come in all shapes and sizes. We don’t judge or discriminate, we are honoured that you want to be with us on this important day in the life of your child.

Can I have an afternoon service for just my family?

Baptism is a service that is joining together your family with the church family therefore we always have baptism in our morning service. If you have an exceptional reason why this may not work for you do please discuss this with our minister when you visit.

Older Children and Adult Baptism

Baptism is an important part of the journey as a follower of Jesus Christ. You are never too old to take this step. With older children and adults we want them to get involved in the process as much as possible.

If you've got more questions, come along on a Sunday morning and speak to our minister.

Emergency Baptism

People will sometimes request an emergency baptism if someone's life is going to end soon.

If you need an emergency baptism please contact contact our minister using their mobile number - include a text message if possible. You can also contact our church administrator or church wardens.

In an emergency, a lay person (non-clergy) or medical professional may be minister a baptism. They will then inform those who have the pastoral responsibility for the person who was baptised.

Here is some more information on emergency baptisms

For further information about Baptism

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