First steps

Who can get married at St. John’s Church?

1. Those who live in the parish

You can get married at St. John’s if you or your partner lives in the parish of St. John’s Churt with Rushmoor. To find out if you do, use the A Church Near You website.

2. Those with a qualifying connection to the parish

The Church of England has also made it possible for a couple to marry in a church away from where they live if it has special significance for them through family or other connections.

You only need one of you to show a qualifying connection.

A person has a Qualifying Connection with a parish if they:

  • were baptised in the parish. (This does not apply where the baptism was part of a combined service of baptism or confirmation)

  • had their confirmation entered in a church register book or a church or chapel in the parish.

  • at any time, for at least 6 months, their usual place of residence has been in the parish.

  • has at any time habitually attended public worship in the parish for at least 6 months or their parent has at any time during that person's lifetime

  • their parent or grandparents was married in the parish.

Should you find that you do not have a qualifying connection please come and discuss this with us as there are other routes we can still pursue.

We have a qualifying connection, what happens next?

Once a qualifying connection is established, you will need to consider if our facilities are right for you. Our church building is a very beautiful and intimate village church, with limited capacity.

What size of congregation can St. John’s accommodate?

Nave (main body of the church): 97 people
South Transept (no carpet): 30 people
North Transept (with carpet and baby area): 23 people (limited view)
Total:150 people

The North Transept has a limited view of the main body of the church, but it may be suitable for people with young children. We can video relay the service to a screen in this area of the church.

Can you conduct weddings in other locations?

St. John’s is closely linked to St. Alban’s Hindhead as we are part of the same benefice, it may be possible for us to take a service in a larger building such as St. Alban’s. If you would like to consider this please ask.

Can you perform weddings outside?

We hope to be as accommodating as much as possible with any creative ideas or suggestions so do let us know your hopes and dreams of your ideal wedding.

How do I book a wedding?

If you have a qualifying connection and are satisfied with the size and layout of our facilities you will next need to fill out a Banns of Marriage Application Form. This form will need to be filled out in person with our minister. You can call or email our church office to let us know you’d like to get married at St. John’s and we’ll start the exciting process. Email,

The Banns of Marriage Application Form

To fill in the form you will both need to have ready all of the following information and documents:

  • Full Name

  • Age at proposed wedding date

  • Status i.e. single or widower

  • Rank, profession or occupation

  • Address at time of publication of Banns including town, county and postcode

  • Father’s full name

  • Father’s rank, profession or occupation (if retired his career before)

  • Nationality - you will need to bring a passport or birth certificate which shows your full name and nationality. (If from outside EEA, Banns cannot be published)

  • Date of Birth

  • If you have been married before, we need to know if your previous marriage ended by death.

  • If you’ve been baptised, where?

  • How long you have lived at your current address

  • What is the name of you parish church?

  • Which church do you wish to get married in?

  • Proposed date of wedding and time

When you have gathered all this information you will be ready to meet with the minister. Contact the church office to arrange an appointment. Let us know your proposed wedding date and time when you get in touch so that we can check availability before completing the form.

Your wedding will be booked when the form is completed and signed. Should any of the answers to the above questions need further attention it may delay booking the wedding - please leave yourself plenty of time. We can provisionally hold dates for you by arrangement.

When you meet the minister they will also give you further information on the following:

  • The order of your wedding service

  • Popular choices of music and readings

  • Fee’s and payment

  • Usher and car parking arrangements

The Reading of Banns

Banns are an announcement of your intension to marry. Announced by a Minister in the church where you are getting married on 3 Sundays in the 3 months before your wedding. If your parish church is different to where you are getting married, they must be read there too.

If banns are being read elsewhere, we need the banns certificate to be sent to us on or before the rehearsal. Otherwise the marriage service will not being able to take place - this is a legal requirement.

You're welcome to come and hear your banns read all 3 times at St. John's. But, if you're getting married elsewhere it is important to attend the last reading of your banns to pay for and collect your certificate confirming that they have been read.

Banns Only

If you are getting married elsewhere and just require us to read your banns you will need to arrange to see us to fill out banns of marriage application form (see section The Banns of Marriage Application Form).

Once you have all the information and your ID ready, contact the church office and we’ll arrange to meet with you.

Can we get married after being divorced?

We consider each request for marriage with compassion and careful preparation. Marriage is for all who are legally entitled. You will need to complete a form that will be reviewed by a clergyperson or bishop. Should a previous spouse still be living they may need to be contacted. The processes in place are there to support you in achieving a successful new marriage.