Wedding Preparation

Wedding preparation is both about the big day and the little details. The minister taking the service will meet with you to discuss the service. You will decide together:

  • When your banns will be read

  • What will happen at your wedding service and who will be taking part

  • When the rehearsal will take place (usually on the Thursday evening before at 6:30pm)

  • Decorations and flowers

  • Order of service – deciding music and readings

  • Invoice details

Is there any freedom to design our own personalised marriage service?

Yes! This day is all about the two of you and the love and life that you share. There's lots of scope within the service for your choice of music, readings and decorations. You can also make the most of St. John's technical equipment to show pictures or video, especially during the signing of the register. We welcome any creative ideas (including involving your pets!)

What happens during the rehearsal?

The rehearsal is an opportunity to walk through what will happen during the service so that everything feels familiar on your wedding day. You will not be expected to remember everything, as the minister guides you through every step. It is really helpful if people taking a role in the service are also present, such as:

  • Father of the Bride, or person giving the Bride away

  • Best man

  • Head bridesmaid – or person who will adjust veil and hold flowers

  • Witnesses

  • Parents of Bride and Groom who may want to join the procession at the end of the service

Should anyone not be able to make the rehearsal the minister can simply show them their role on the day before the service takes place.

Do you have anyone who can help with flowers?

Yes, we have a team of exceptional flower arrangers. You will be given full details and cost when you meet to fill out the banns form. You are also welcome to arrange your own florist or do the flowers yourself.

Any flowers put in the church will need to be taken away afterwards except if there is a pedestal, which will need to be left for the Sunday service.

Can we decorate the church?

You are welcome to make the church your own. The building is very old and we need to make sure any decoration won’t leave a lasting mark and is appropriate for a church setting. Do discuss your ideas with our minster.

Do you cater for special needs and disabilities?

We are committed to making out church warm, welcoming and assessable to all. For more information please read our about how we include everyone with disabilities.

What are the costs?

Please see our finance section for our table of fees which change at the beginning of each year. They will only ever increase by 10%. Some of the fees are optional and all costs can be discussed with the minister when you meet.

When is the payment due?

Your invoice will have a due by date on it, which will be before your wedding rehearsal. The service will be cancelled if payment isn’t made.

Can you help with the printed order of service?

We will help you gather the content for the order of service. Usually couples want their order of service to be printed professionally. There are a number of parts in the service when the congregation join in and therefore it helps to have the words printed out for people to read.

We can produce a basic order of service for a small fee and use our hymn books – which might limit your choice of songs.