The Graveyard – full burials and burial of ashes


Who can be buried in the graveyard?

Anyone who has lived in the parish or was a member of the St. John’s Church. We can also make arrangements for those who have a connection to the parish. Do let us know any details when you enquire.

Can we have a double or triple depth grave?

All plots can be double depth, this needs to be decided before it is dug and communicated to the funeral director. It is rarer to request a triple depth grave and will require investigation before we can give permission.

Can ashes be buried in an existing grave where a full burial has taken place?

Ashes can be placed into an existing gave where there has been a full burial. Consideration will need to be taken if it’s has been dug to double depth as once ashes are placed on top a further full burial cannot take place. More than one burial of ashes can take place on an existing full burial grave.

Can we have ashes buried in a casket?

We are no longer able to have ashes buried in a casket or urn; they will simply be interred straight into the ground. Funeral directors can provide a mechanical scatterer to make it as dignified as possible should you require.

Can I buy or reserve a burial plot?

Unfortunately, no. St. John’s is a parish church and anyone who lives, or has lived in the Parish, is entitled to be buried in St John’s graveyard. Due to this open arrangement it is not possible to buy or reserve a specific plot, however we still have plenty of space. When the time comes, we are sure you would be able to find a final resting place at St. John’s if you are from the parish.

How do we find out if someone we know is buried at St. John’s?

At the back of the church is a file listing in alphabetical order of surname all those buried or interred in the graveyard.