Funeral services

Who can have a funeral service at St. John’s Church?

Everyone living in England has a right to a church funeral ceremony. Funerals usually take place in the home parish of the deceased person. If the deceased lives in our parish or was a member of our church the service can be held at St. John's.

Find out whether they did live in the parish using the 'a church near you' website.

If they did not live in the parish, 'a church near you' will help you to find their local church. Do let us know if the deceased had another connection to the parish as they might still be able to have a funeral service at St. John's - we’d be happy to discuss this with you.

What if we don’t go to church?

It doesn’t matter whether you or the deceased person have been church-goers. If you feel that a church service is appropriate, we will do everything we can to make it a fitting and sensitive occasion.

What type of service can we have?

There are a few options to think about. Do you want a burial or cremation, would you like more than one service, and do you want it to be for immediate family only? These are the services we can provide:

  • A funeral service in church followed by a graveside burial or cremation service.

  • A graveside burial or cremation service followed by a memorial service in church. The memorial service is often called a thanksgiving or celebration service as it focusses on giving thanks for the person’s life.

  • A funeral service at the crematorium.

  • A memorial service only, where the burial or cremation has already taken place elsewhere.

  • A burial of ashes service, after cremation has already taken place. This will be either in our Garden of Remembrance or at an existing grave.

What size of congregation can you accommodate?

Nave (main body of the church): 97 people
South Transept (no carpet): 30 people
North Transept (with carpet and baby area): 23 people (limited view)

TOTAL: 150 people

The North Transept has a limited view of the main body of the church, but it may be suitable for people with young children. We can video relay the service to a screen in this area of the church.

Can you conduct funerals in other locations?

St. John’s is closely linked with St. Alban’s Hindhead as we are part of the same benefice. It may be possible for us to take a service in a larger building for you. Please ask our church office for more information.

Can we have our own minister take the service or burial?

We are happy to consider this so do get in touch with their details.

What to expect:

A funeral service in church, or the crematorium, will always feature certain elements: prayers, hymns and a Bible reading that focus on faith in God and his gift of everlasting life.

But we also aim to make the service reflect the life of the deceased. We give time for those present to give thanks for the person they have lost, say goodbye, grieve and commit them into God's keeping. At St. John’s you have the freedom to involve different family and friends, to make this special time personal to you and the person you are remembering and giving thanks for.

How much does it cost?

The Church of England sets fees for such services. Have a look at our fees to find out more.