The Garden of Remembrance - burial of ashes

How do we arrange a burial of ashes service?

This takes place a while after the cremation service. It is a short service in our Garden of Remembrance where we lay the ashes of the deceased to rest. There is no hurry for this to take place so just get back in touch when you feel ready. Do use the initial enquiry form and we’ll contact you to arrange the rest.

Can ashes be buried near other ashes in the Garden of Remembrance?

Each time we bury ashes they are placed next to the previous plot which remains unmarked. It is not possible for ashes to be nearby previously placed ashes as there will not be any space. Where possible we can arrange for the memorial wall plaque to be near each other.

Can we have ashes buried in a casket?

We are no longer able to have ashes buried in a casket or urn; they will simply be interred straight into the ground. Funeral directors can provide a mechanical scatterer to make this as dignified as possible should you require.

Memorial plaques for ashes

Can I have a stone plaque placed on top of the ashes?

We can no longer have stones marking buried ashes in the Garden of Remembrance. We place the plaques on the wall of the garden.

How do we arrange a plaque for the Garden of Remembrance wall?

You will need to:

1. Read and follow the information the Garden of Remembrance Plaque specification document.

2. Complete a copy of CR1 form. Once this has been completed please make a copy for your own records and send us a copy to the church office along with your fees. This request will then be considered alongside the churchyard regulation. Should you need to make any amendment we will advise you. Once your application has been signed off the work can go ahead.